One goal of the Faculty Development Committee is to encourage and support the efforts of Spalding faculty (which includes the Art Program) to pursue research in their fields and particularly across disciplinary boundaries.  We are therefore pleased to announce the return of the Faculty Challenge Grant process, for grants which will extend through the NEXT academic year, 2019-20Up to five grants are available, UP TO $750 (request whatever amount suits your project – up to $750), to support faculty research within their discipline, across disciplines, or in relation to teaching and learning. 



We will ensure your application gets read and a decision is made within THREE WEEKS OF YOUR SUBMITTING IT to this new  Sharepoint Site (see below!).


EXAMPLES OF GRANTS THAT HAVE BEEN FUNDED IN THE PAST (related to an ongoing OR time-limited research project) include:

  • researching psychologists' reactions to obesity in patients (Psychology)
  • creating a website to attract and collect information, feeding into a specific research project (Religious Studies)
  • an examination of the relationship between sexual assault and sexual self-regulation among a sample of college students (Interdisciplinary)
  • obtaining software and training for developing "e-learning" modules (Education)
  • research into community organizing, from micro to macro levels (Social Work)
  • travel to do research and/or presentations
  • ETC!!

IS YOUR PROJECT SUITABLE?  It probably is!  But if you have any questions or doubts, don't hesitate to contact the co-chairs of Sharing Our Scholarship, Merle Bachman (LS) and Cindy Conley (SW), for assistance ( and


  1. Am I eligible to apply?

    All faculty members (be they tenured, tenure-track, non-tenure track, or .75 FTE) with a minimum of one year of employment at time of application are eligible to apply for a Challenge Grant.
  2. I received a Faculty Challenge Grant two years ago. Can I still apply?

    YES! Anyone who has already received a Challenge Grant may apply after a waiting period of two years.
  3. If I apply for this grant, may I still apply for a Scholarship Course Release?

  4. Is it OK to apply for funding so I can buy a laptop for my research?

    Funds cannot be used to purchase digital equipment (though they may be used to purchase software needed to process a project's data). 
  5. When and how would I receive the grant money? 

    The grant is issued as a reimbursement. Funds must be used, and receipts submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs (OAA), by the end of the NEXT fiscal year, 6/30/20. 
  6. Are there any reporting requirements?

    A brief public report of how an awardee has benefited from the Challenge Grant will be required during the 2020-21 academic year. There are a number of flexible ways in which you could present this report—e.g., as at a Faculty Tea, a "Celebration of Scholarship" day, a brown bag lunch, etc. 




    Please respond to the following questions in the form of a memo or letter (about 1.5 single-spaced pages should be fine):

1.                  What is the research project you are working on?

2.                  Why is it important to your field? And why is it important to you personally.

3.                  Why are you seeking this grant?  In addition, please give us a detailed breakdown of how you would use the funds.

4.                  What specific project outcomes will be facilitated by this grant?