One goal of the Faculty Development Committee is to encourage and support the efforts of Spalding/KyCAD faculty to pursue research/scholarship activity in their fields and across disciplinary boundaries.  We are therefore pleased to announce the continuation of the Scholarship Course Release Program (SCR).  This offers Spalding University faculty an opportunity to apply for release from teaching one course during a given academic year in order to have time to pursue their scholarly research and/or professional development efforts.

TWO AWARDS will be available for course releases to take place in Fall or Spring of the 2019-20 academic year. Any number of applications from faculty in a given unit are welcome, since it is up to the unit's chair to sign-off on the application, and it is the scholarly merit of the proposal that the grant committee will assess in making their decisions.


We will ensure your application gets read and a decision is made within THREE WEEKS OF YOUR SUBMITTING IT to this new Sharepoint Site (see below!)


Any faculty member who can demonstrate completion of a minimum of three years, full-time, in a tenure-track or tenured position OR if tenure is not available for faculty, then completion of a minimum of three years, full-time in their position.

Faculty members who have received a Sabbatical OR a Scholarship Course Release or are currently in their sabbatical period must wait TWO YEARS before applying.

You may concurrently apply for a Faculty Challenge grant (again, as long as it has been TWO years since you received that grant).



Please provide the following information within a 2-3 page memo.  These items are also the criteria on which your application will be reviewed.

1.         Summary:  Provide a brief introduction to the research/scholarship activity for which you are requesting a Scholarship Course Release (SCR).

2.         Link to the Professional Development Plan:  Explain how the SCR will assist you in meeting one

            or more goals in your projected Professional Development Plan.

3.         Research objectives:  Explain your research/scholarship objectives for the course release period and how you will use the time to work toward these goals.                    

4.         Evaluation:  Explain how you will evaluate progress achieved during the SCR.

5.         Indication of Departmental or Unit Approval:  Provide a letter from your Chair or unit director, explaining his/her reasons for supporting your application.


If you have any questions about this application or pursuing an SCR, don't hesitate to contact the co- chairs of Sharing Our Scholarship, Merle Bachman (LS) and Cindy Conley (SW), for assistance (,

Progress Report Requirement:

A report on progress made in scholarship and/or professional development due to the course release will be anticipated by the beginning of the 2019-20 academic year. There are a number of flexible ways in which awardees could present this report, such as at "Celebration of Scholarship" day, at a Faculty Tea, a "dine-and-discuss" event, a brown bag lunch, etc.  If you are awarded a course release, you will be able to choose your preferred format.


Please UPLOAD your application and supporting letter in the form below!