On the right, you will  find the job descriptions for the available Spalding University graduate assistant (GA) positions for 2017-18.  We encourage you to review the job descriptions prior to filling out your application, and turn in the following materials for a complete application submission:

1.      Graduate Assistant application​

2.      Cover letter

3.      Resume

The priority deadline for 2017-18 is April 12, 2017.  Applications received after this date will be considered if positions become available.  If you have any questions, please contact Hannah Sutherland or Pat Spaulding by phone at 502.585.7101 or by e-mail, at HSutherland@spalding.edu. 


Academic Support GA.docx
3/19/2017 1:55 PMSutherland, Hannah
Admissions Office GA.docx
3/20/2017 10:53 AMSutherland, Hannah
Advancement and Philanthropy GA.docx
3/20/2017 10:55 AMSutherland, Hannah
Advancement-Research GA.docx
3/20/2017 10:57 AMSutherland, Hannah
Auerbach School of Occupational Therapy GA .docx
3/20/2017 10:58 AMSutherland, Hannah
College of Education GA.docx
3/20/2017 11:16 AMSutherland, Hannah
Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Facility GA.docx
3/20/2017 11:12 AMSutherland, Hannah
enTECH GA.docx
3/20/2017 2:38 PMSutherland, Hannah
Library-E Learning Strategies GA.docx
3/20/2017 11:17 AMSutherland, Hannah
Master of Science in Athletic Training GA.docx
3/20/2017 11:31 AMSutherland, Hannah
Research Ethics GA.docx
3/20/2017 11:33 AMSutherland, Hannah
School of Business GA.docx
3/20/2017 11:15 AMSutherland, Hannah
School of Communication GA.docx
3/20/2017 11:14 AMSutherland, Hannah
School of Social Work GA.docx
3/20/2017 11:35 AMSutherland, Hannah
Student Dev and campus life- Student leadership and multicultural.docx
3/21/2017 1:32 PMSutherland, Hannah
Student Development and Campus Life- Dean of Students.docx
3/21/2017 1:18 PMSutherland, Hannah
Student development and campus life- Peace and restorative.docx
3/21/2017 1:22 PMSutherland, Hannah
Student Life GA.docx
5/1/2017 12:59 PMSutherland, Hannah
Writing Center GA.docx
3/20/2017 11:36 AMSutherland, Hannah