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Faculty Handbook Knowledgebase


This Faculty Handbook Knowledgebase is maintained by the Office of Academic Affairs, in consultation with the Office of the President, the Faculty Senate, and other university administrators and staff. It is designed as a convenient reference for present and prospective faculty members at all ranks. 

Contents of this knowledgebase are updated periodically. More precise and detailed information about university policies relevant to faculty should be secured by reviewing the current versions of the Faculty Governance Document, the Employment Handbook, the Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual, or other statements of university policy issued by appropriate university administrators. Should the contents of this knowledgebase conflict with any other document stating university policy, that specific policy statement shall prevail.

The Faculty Handbook and Part-Time Faculty Handbook is not a contract of employment and nothing herein shall be construed as a guarantee of continued employment or an employment contract. All full- and part-time faculty members are expected to read this handbook and become familiar with its contents.

The online knowledgebase was originally compiled from a variety of sources by the Task Force on the Faculty Handbook, which was appointed by Dr. L. Randy Strickland, Provost. The Task Force completed its initial work in summer 2012. The members of the Task Force were Robert Johnson, Linda Beattie and John James




​General Knowledge





Online Learning Policies, Procedures and Shared Practices

1. Spalding Values

3. Student Expectations

4. Compliance (DoE and SACSCOC)

Human Resources


Faculty Annual Evaluation/Workload, Promotion/Review, & Sabbatical Procedures & Forms


​Campus Services










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