Repository of Documents for Blackboard to Moodle/Joule Conversion 
by Johnson, Robert W.
 9/28/2011 12:26 PM
Email sent to everyone enrolled in the class each time a new assignment is posted.
Printing Quizzes from Moodle
Message sent to all students only goes one page at a time
Occasionally, Moodle Import fails to find the course to copy from.
Grades in quick grading don't save after the first 15 rows when entered and pressing enter and update
Can log onto portal, but cannot log onto Moodle
Shells unalterably preset to Visible Groups
Datatel Updates
DataTel does not update rosters and course dates automatically
Moodle defaults to Visible Groups in the Groups menu. This default setting allows students to view the forum and forum contributions, but prohibits them from responding or posting
Backing up grades
Sending email to students from inside Moodle class
What students should know
Too many automatic email notifications
Groups setting in forums prevents access by all students--i.e., they cannot reply
Folder: Quality assuranceQuality assuranceJohnson, Robert W.
Folder: Moodle BrochuresMoodle BrochuresKrumhansl, Ezra
Folder: Cohort Training DocumentsCohort Training DocumentsJohnson, Robert W.
Folder: Spalding NOW Webinar SeriesSpalding NOW Webinar SeriesJohnson, Robert W.
Folder: Student ResourcesStudent ResourcesPoston, Janice
Folder: Professional Development for Online EducatorsProfessional Development for Online EducatorsJohnson, Robert W.
Folder: Moodle Training ResourcesMoodle Training ResourcesPoston, Janice
Folder: Moodle Aids for GradingMoodle Aids for GradingPoston, Janice
Folder: Resources for Moodle-Joule MentorsResources for Moodle-Joule MentorsJohnson, Robert W.
Part 2 Bonk2 Perfect E-Storm.pdfPart 2 Bonk2 Perfect E-StormPoston, Janice
Part 1 Bonk Perfect E-Storm.pdfPart 1 Bonk Perfect E-StormPoston, Janice
adult_learners_online.pdfadult_learners_onlineJohnson, Robert W.
Gradebook questions and answers.docxGradebook questions and answersJohnson, Robert W.
Assessing Online Learning-Strategies, Challenges and Opportunities.pdfAssessing Online Learning-Strategies, Challenges and OpportunitiesJohnson, Robert W.
Blended Learning- Emerging Best Practices in Allied Health Workforce Development.pdfBlended Learning- Emerging Best Practices in Allied Health Workforce DevelopmentJohnson, Robert W.
Online Delivery as a Course Adjunct Promotes Active Learning and Student Success.pdfOnline Delivery as a Course Adjunct Promotes Active Learning and Student SuccessJohnson, Robert W.
Moodle Training Schedule.docxMoodle Training SchedulePoston, Janice
Draft - Spalding University online course quality guide.xlsxDraft - Spalding University online course quality guideJohnson, Robert W.
Welcome to Moodle--Student--General_v2.wmvWelcome to Moodle--Student--General_v2Johnson, Robert W.
Making e-Learning work.docxMaking e-Learning workJohnson, Robert W.
Spalding University Web-Mediated Course Development Guide.xlsxSpalding University Web-Mediated Course Development GuideJohnson, Robert W.
Moodle-Joule Conversion Gantt Chart.mppMoodle-Joule Conversion Gantt ChartJohnson, Robert W.
Welcome to Moodle! for Assembly November 11 2011.pptxWelcome to Moodle! for Assembly November 11 2011Johnson, Robert W.
Here are some helpful websites on rubrics.docxHere are some helpful websites on rubricsPoston, Janice
Intervention and Management Strategy examples.docIntervention and Management Strategy examplesJohnson, Robert W.
Help desk scenarios spreadsheet.xlsxHelp desk scenarios spreadsheetJohnson, Robert W.
MoodleToolGuideforTeachers_May2010_JS_2_.pdfMoodleToolGuideforTeachers_May2010_JS_2_Poston, Janice
InstructorCoursePlanningTemplate_Master_.dotxInstructorCoursePlanningTemplate_Master_Poston, Janice
Moodle-Joule Conversion Gantt Chart in PDF format.pdfMoodle-Joule Conversion Gantt Chart in PDF formatJohnson, Robert W.
Welcome to Moodle!.pptxWelcome to Moodle!Johnson, Robert W.
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Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Logo
 Moodle/Joule Reporting Manual
 Teacher Manual for Moodle/Joule
 Site with many video links and information on how to use them--Thanks Dr. Curtis Bonk for providing these cool resources!
 Helpful Information on Creating Podcasts Quickly and Easily
 Grades help--Aggregation and Weighting
 More Grade Help--Categories
 Creating Rubrics on Moodle/Joule
 Moodle Rooms videos--Helpful videos on Moodle and its basic functions, includes Gradebook.
 Learnist Board on Online Learning and Teaching
 Meaningful, Engaged Learning
 Wonderful site full of resources for learning to teach online. It is put out by the University of New South Wales.
 12 Tips for Online Educators
 Learning Objects Repositories--OER Commons
 Learning Objects Repositories--Public Learning Media Laboratory
 Making PowerPoints Into Video Format
 Cut and Paste in Mozilla
 Tips for your students on how to write an A+ discussion post. Shared with me by Terri Schoone. Thanks Terri!