Online Grading

Beginning in February 2011, all grades must be posted through Web Advisor. Web Advisor is accessible from the portal page. All faculty have Web Advisor accounts created when they are assigned to teach a course. If you are unable to login to you may visit or call 502-585-9911 ext 2398.
Linked below is an instructional video demonstrating how to submit grades through Web Advisor.
Key Points to Remember
  • Enter Letter Grades Only, No Plus or Minus Grades
  • Do Not Enter W Grades
  • Enter I or X Grades Through the Incomplete Grade Request Link on Web Advisor
  • Every Student on the Roster Should Receive a Grade
  • If a Student Appears on the Roster, He or She has not Dropped or Withdrawn and Should Receive a Grade
  • Students Who Appear in Class, But Are Not on the Roster Should Contact the Registrar Immediately to File an Appeal to be Back-Registered
  • After Submitting Grades, Email with the course number to notify the Registrar that grades are posted.