​​Residence Life 
Residence Life believes that student learning and personal development strengthens when students live on campus.Student who reside on campus  tend to be more academically successful, graduate at a higher rate, and make more lifelong connections.  Therefore all full time undergraduate students under the age of 21 (by August 1 for fall semester and February 1 for spring semester), or with 88 or fewer credit hours are required to live in the residence halls. Additionally, all first-year students shall live with a roommate in Morrison Hall. Undergraduates.  Contact aroberts@spalding.edu or 502-873-4489

Student Engagement
Programs, events, workshops, concerts and other activities designed to add to your college experience.   Contact  afoshee@spalding.edu or 502-873-4485

Office of the Dean of Students 

The Dean of Students provides a variety of services in support of students, including serving as the primary point of contact for student concerns, complaints and non-academic grievances, student conduct, crisis assistance and behavioral intervention, extended absence notifications and medical leaves and investigation and oversight of all Title IX concerns relating to sexual assault, sexual misconduct, dating/domestic violence, stalking or other related concerns. Contact rhudson@spalding.edu or 502-873-4488