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​​​​​​Spalding Student Handbook 2013-2014

This Student Handbook is maintained by the Office of the Dean of Students, in consultation with the Student Government Association, the Office of Academic Affairs and other university administrators and staff. It is designed as a convenient reference for students, faculty and staff. 

Contents of this handbook are updated on an ongoing basis.   Should the contents of this handbook conflict with any policy contained in the Univeristy Catalog then the policy from the Catolog shall prevail.

The Student Handbook was reviewed and ratified by the Student Government Association on Sept. 11, 2013 

General Information and Resources

Mission Statement

History and Heritage

Tradition of Excellence

Campus Directory

Definition of a Student

Campus Safety

Campus Safety Overview 


​Safety Reporting and Alerts

To Report an Incident or Concern

Mass Alert System

Timely Warning Notices

Campus Safety Policies 

The Campus Security Act

Campus Policing and Security Policies

Emergency Preparedness

Crime Prevention Education and Awarenesss

Safety Equipment Locations

Campus Resources & Services



Building Reservations

Dining services

Dining Facilities

Meal Plans

Dining Dollars

Unused Balances

Information Technology

International Student Services

Student Health Insurance

Gender Neutral Bathrooms


Voter Registration

Academic Policies


Family Educational Rights Privacy Act (FERPA)

Academic Calendar and Key Dates

Course Evaluations

Disagreement in Grade Assigned

Student Leadership and Development


Strengths-Based Learning and Development

Student Government Association (SGA)

     Student Government By-Laws

Registered Student Organizations (RSOs)

Campus Activities Board (CAB)

Events Calendar

Annual Student Events and Programs

Egan Service Living Program (ESLP)

Intramural and Club Sports

     Travel and Transportation Policy 

Student Behavior and Conduct

Tobaccoo Free Campus


The Honor Code of Spalding University

     Prohibited Conduct

     To Report an  Incident or Concern

     Conduct Hearing Procedures


     Rights of the Accused



Alcoholic Beverage Policy

     State and City Laws

     BASICS Program

     eCheckUp To Go


Academic Services


Academic Resource Center (ARC)


Academic advising

Accessibility services

Career Services

Academic Coaching

Lab Center


Library Services

Moodle Online Learning Platform


Student Complaints and Grievances


Dean of Students

To Report an Incident or Concern

Administrative Issues

Disagreement in Grade Assigned

Discrimination Issues

Sexual Assault, Harassment and Misconduct


Student Support


Student Counseling Center

Conflict Resolution

Dean of Students

Compassionate Action Team 

     Behavioral Intervention

     Emergency Financial Assistance

     Threat Assessment

     Medical Leave

     Response to Sexual Assault

Student Food Bank

Book Assistance



Spalding Golden Eagle Athletics


Athletics Information

Athletics Schedule

Athletics Handbook


Financial Policies and Services


Tuition and Fees for 2013-2014

Financial Aid

Scholarship Information

Disbursement of Financial Aid

Federal Work Study Program

Emergency Financial Assistance


 Residence Life and Housing 

Res Life Program

     Residence Halls

     Housing Application

     Residence Life Handbook

Dining Services

     Dining Facilities

     Meal Plans

     Dining Dollars