Spalding University
Research Ethics Committee

1. Send all new or updated proposals directly to
2. Please review the template documents and examples located on the right-hand side of the screen. Submit the documents in the following order:
     A. Research Proposal cover page with signatures of all investigators
     B. Research Proposal (no more than 3 pages long)
     C. Consent Document (follow example on the right side of the screen and include boilerplate at the bottom). Informed Consent documents should be at an 8th grade reading level. Please refer to the template on the right side of the screen for how to check readability level.
     D. Instruments or protocols used in your study
     E. Permissions (letter on letterhead) from other agencies, schools, or health care facilities to conduct research at their facility.
     F. CITI certificate for completion of HSIRB training: go to
 1. Click on Register and type Spalding as Organization/Affiliate
 2. Complete registration information (name, email, etc.) and then you will have access to the training modules.
Please note that faculty advisors on research proposals must also complete CITI training. Citi certificate from your faculty advisor showing that they completed the training must also be submitted for review.
For information relating to the Research Ethics Committee, application submission, and review process please visit the Spalding University Library Research Guide at

*If you have received an REC Update Request email requiring a yearly update of research, please email notifying the REC that 1) Your proposal was completed or 2) You need an extension. Please follow the documents on the right side of the page for how to form this letter.*

Anyone attempting to publish or present research, a case study, etc. is required to submit to the REC for approval. If you have questions about whether you need REC approval for your own purposes, please email to ask.

As of April 30th, 2019, online survey research will only be approved if conducted through the University QuestionPro account. The Spalding University account can be accessed at:
Send an email to with any questions you have, as this is the quickest method of contact.

Research Ethics Committee Chair: 
Melba Custer, PhD., OT/L 
Graduate Assistant: 
Nicole Hagan
Research Ethics Committee Office: 

REC Committee Members
Melba Custer ASOT, Chair - 2020-2023
Regina Martin Business - 2019-2022
Kristen Harris Education - 2019-2022
Lisa Potts Natural Sciences - 2018-2021
Nancy Kern Nursing - 2018-2021
Nicholas Lim Psych - 2020-2023
Cynthia Conley Social Work - 2018-2021
Cindee Quake-Rapp Community Member - 2020-2023


​Last Updated: April 2020



Research Project Proposal
Cover Page
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Research Project Proposal
Additional Investigators

Research Proposal Template
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Informed Consent Example
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Anonymous Survey Consent Example 

Archival Data Template
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Informed Consent Waiver Example
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Directions for Checking the Readability Level for Informed Consent Document
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Example Proposal Extension Request Letter
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Example of Proposal Completion Update Letter
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Parental Consent Template
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Assent Form Template
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Photo/Video Release Form
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Visit this site to get your CITI certificate required for conducting research!
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Title 45: Public Welfare, Part 46
Verification of Spalding University's good standing with OHRP (IORG0005252)
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